YL Essential Oils

Sun Coaching is an Independent Distributor  for Young Living Essential Oils – Member ID 12278368 – to bring you the world’s highest quality essential oils, and well-being and beauty products.

  • Support your coaching journey
    The Young Living products may support your coaching journey by helping you feel happier and healthier. They may help lift you up and be more active, or help slow you down and relax more; be more focused, or open up more – whatever is helpful in manifesting your heart’s desire, and be more successful in life and work.
  • Try a sample
    Please feel free to contact us for advice on which essential oils or other Young Living products to choose. If we have it in stock, we can send you a sample of the oil you’d like to try. Young Living produces beautiful single oils as well as blends.
  • Buy your preferred product
    To purchase these supporting essential oils, well-being and beauty products, please click here. Choose ‘Member’ to get up to 24% discount and start with a Premium Starter Kit; choose ‘Retail Customer’ to just purchase an individual item.
  • Join the community
    Join our essential oils community on Facebook. It’s called Sun Elixir – Well Oiled Community. Once you’ve ordered a Starter’s Kit, you’ll be invited to join our exclusive Facebook Group My Well Oiled Community, where we share knowledge about the oils and products, and ask for, and give support to each other. Click here to have a look.

Sun Coaching donates 5 percent of all earnings to the Young Living Foundation. Read more about their cause here.




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